Oversea Art Project 01

Busan, South Korea
Busan Biennale 2006 釜山雙年展
2006 16.9.2006-25.11.2006
Breathing in a House
Korea (Busan), 1-10.09.2006 (10 Days)
Installation with Video
Size variable (Video length: 6 minutes)


I live in a small house, Breathing Until I use up all the air in the whole house.

有一個晚上我睡在自己的床上,呆呆地望著天花板,甚麼也沒有想,只是隱約聽到自己的呼吸聲,忽然問自己:「要用多少時間才可以呼吸完整間房的空氣?」這就是創作這件作品的緣由。後來有機會在韓國釜山雙年展把這個想法做出來,我在釜山租了一間屋(體積6.7m x 2.7m x 2.2m,和香港的屋一樣細!),我住在這裡照常作息,但我用透明膠袋把我呼吸的空氣都儲存下來,直至這些儲有我空氣的膠袋填滿了整間屋為止,過程一共用了十天的時間。感覺就像我一部份的生命寄居在這間屋似的。
One night I slept on my own bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking of nothing, but indistinctly heard my own breathing, and I suddenly asked myself, ‘How long does it take to breathe in all the air of this room?’. This is how this work was conceived. And then there came a chance to realize this idea at the Busan Biennial in Korea. I rented an apartment (6.7m x 2.7m x 2.2m, as small as an apartment in Hong Kong! ) in Busan. I lived in this small apartment as usual, but I collected the air I breathed with transparent plastic bags until the whole apartment was filled with these plastic bags with my own breathing. The whole process took 10 days. It felt like part of my life has sojourned at this apartment.