Oversea Art Project 03

Tokyo, Japan
Stranger 陌生人
Alternative Tokyo Travel Project 1:
Mountains Trip

地圖/Map: 川崎市宮前區 (1:10,000 / 2006-3 Edition)
時間/Period: 24-27/2/2007 (Unfinished)

I walked along all the folds of a map. The folds were folded or designed accidentally by an unknown person. It becomes my route to travel. I took photos for all the vertical objects (positioned at north), which are positioned at the folds of the map. In case there is no vertical object, I will stand in the north and become a vertical object.
垂直的物件 vertical objects

Alternative Tokyo Travel Project 2:

Valleys Trip地圖/Map:東京23區(1:10,000 / 2006-1 Edition)
時間/Period:27-28/2, 1-2/3, 5/3/2007
* I walked vertically from p1 to p296, total 24 pages.

I opened a map book. Then, I walked along all the gaps* between the left pages and the right pages in it, from the south to the north Tokyo. The pages are arched like 2 mountains and the gap is craved in like a valley. I stood and took photos at every points that were crossed the valleys.

Snap Shot on the Trip 在路上隨意拍的一些照片

Alternative Tokyo Travel Project 3:
Invisible Trip

地圖/Map: 國分寺.國立市 (1:10,000 / 2006-4 Edition)
時間/Period: 3-4/3/2007

I traveled clockwise along the boundary of a map. Sometimes, I was walking on some visible roads inside the map. Sometimes, I was walking on some invisible roads outside the map. I draw the invisible roads that I walked or saw, and took photos to the outward direction at all the ends of the roads printed in the map.


"Invisible" Scenery「看不見」的風景